Welcome to The Net Church Huddersfield

The Net Church is part of the Church of England based in Huddersfield, UK, but with no geographical 'parish' and we don't own a building. We aim to help people deal with the realities of everyday life, exploring the big questions in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

You'd be very welcome to come along.

Most weeks, the Net Church meets at St Paul's Church Armitage Bridge at 4.30pm where we eat a simple meal together before our service, finishing at around 6.30pm. Occasionally we meet at other places so to be sure, check our rota our rota.

What do I do now?

Please feel free to look around our website and see what we are about. If you have any queries about anything you see, or would like to know more about coming to this church then please contact us.

About Us

The Net Church is part of the Church of England based in Huddersfield. We are a 'network' church which means we do not operate through a parish like most Church of England churches, but aim to work through networks of relationships.


Along with the weekly meetings where the whole Church gets together, different people meet up during the week in smaller groups.