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Our Journey so far...

Our origins are in a ‘network model’ Fresh Expression church formed in 1999 under the leadership of a Church of England Minister. The Net aimed to be “church for the unchurched” and “church without walls” because some research suggested that church buildings discouraged some people away from faith. We have never owned a building. Over the years The Net has met in various locations around Huddersfield In both the town centre and suburbs.

Where are we now?

In 2010 The Net moved to St Paul’s Church, Armitage Bridge, meeting in the afternoon.

We have continued to develop as a small community with a particular leaning towards social justice and mission. Our church is entirely lay led.

In 2015 the current Leadership Team developed an accountability and collaborative relationship within the team of churches we are amongst. 

As part of the ‘mixed economy’ of churches, we are an ‘alternative expression’ of church and a resource to those around us.

The mixed economy of churches has been described by Moynagh (2012:67) using the metaphor of; 

Temples: places where individuals connect with the whole body of Christ.

Synagogues: Instituted local church.

Tents: small worshipping communities concentrating on practical discipleship & mission. Lean and mobile. 


In short- we are a tent!

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